April Battled the loss and murder of her two year old toddler daughter, to build a successful business. From Tragedy to success April has experienced it all. April would like to welcome you to Deshaynior Going All Out and setting no limits Seminars! From Our Deshaynior Bridal Seminars which are hosted by Celebrity Bridal and Style Expert April Burns, To Our Deshaynior Brother's Pray, How To Unleash Your Celebrity Power, To Our Deshaynior Women speak Hope into Your Life! April's not just the Creator,of Deshaynior Bridal seminars, She's also one of our Keynote speakers, April Created Deshaynior Seminars for Couples on any budget that still want the elegance of an affair Plus it's a truly one of a kind event. It's held twice a year and offers Brides to be and their guest a unique opportunity to hear from local vendors... With it all taking place in a gorgeous ballroom setting. Unlike some Bridal Shows or Expos where Brides walk endlessly past thousands of booths, aisle after aisle, Bridal Seminarss by Deshaynior is Completely different. We give Couples a chance to make uniformed decisions about their wedding day based on brief presentations by Experienced Bridal Stylists, Planners, Vendors, You will be introduced to some of the best vendors that will take you from ''I Will'' to ''I do. We will help you successfully plan the wedding of your dreams, You will have the chance to ask questions without any Obligations.All Brides will receive a three ring wedding binder packed full of information and planning forms to begin their breathtaking journey. There will also be goody bags full of great! Samples, information and discounts from both local and national vendors. There will also be food, Drinks, available during the Seminar. Whether your getting married in the next 6 months, or next year, We encourage you to attend if possible. This once a year annually or sometimes twice a year event was Created by Celebrity Style Expert April burns, and it normally takes place in the months of February and June. If you missed out on our latest Bridal Seminars, we invite you to register today! For our next upcoming event. With our regular ticket price starting at $200.00 and our VIP tickets starting at $ 375.00 which include an exclusive dinner or lunch with April and her team of Experts, You may purchase through the site or Paypal at dniornior@yahoo.com or upon arriving at the Seminar There will be someone there too process your payment!! register Today!!

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A Defining Moment For Me was June-1999 A day in which My Whole Life Literally Changed, Now Fast Forward six years later I Made a decision to Live a life of No-regrets and How I define a life with no regrets Meant living a Quality life- a life of Meaning and Purpose, a life Proactively Participating, a life in the drivers seat, It Meant discovering Why I was here on earth and What I was Created to do, It Meant shifting My Focus from being a surface dweller Concerned with Material things and Status to being a quality Person of Substance and depth, a woman of God, To remove any Unnecessary Stressors, to Make sure all areas of My life were healthy, to Strive for Excellence not Perfection, to be who I am and Embrace My authenticity. And I didn't Stop There. Not Only had I made a decision to live with no regrets, I set a Powerful intention to Help other women and Men do the same,-From their Fashion Style, Weddings, inspiration, spiritual life coach, Business Strategies, To Dating with style, I Set out To show Them How to become Successful, Happy and Fulfilled in life. A Few years after the revelation, I Started My Coaching, Training and Development Practice For women at first then Men soon Joined us, I Developed Deshaynior's Going all out and setting no limits! Systems, Deshaynior's Bridal Budget Guide System,For women needing Guidance on planning their wedding for under $15,000! So at Our Bridal seminars, Women learn Just How to do it. Then There's My Brother's Pray annual Seminar, Women speak hope into your life! And That's Just to name a few of My Systems, I Share while still Helping them to do what I did. And helping them find their Path, and breakthrough! They didn't like Working a Job that they didn't love, They didn't want to work with or for a Company that undervalued their talents, Some of them didn't like the idea of working for Just pay, They we're tired of living a Maybe life! They would often say ''April, I'm Stuck, I hate where I am in my life, I don't like My current Job, I'm Tired of Struggling, I'm struggling to get through My divorce, or I'm in a bad relationship, They asked ''April How did you learn what to do, How did you overcome it all, And now get paid to help other's , How do you manage to get great opportunities, in life, Most of My Clients Just want to Know how they to can have a better life! And build a successful business, The People in general and the women and men who come to my studio wanted to be successful in life-They wanted to be Happy and fulfilled. In every area of their lives! So first I created my systematized business Program, After They would ask ''April how do I get more clients! so how do you systematize your business. There's no question that systems are critical if you want to Multiply Your Business and get to the next level. But The question is...How do you systematize your business so that you aren't the one handling all the work? Did you know there are always aspects that can automate using tools technology and create systems that run your business for you on auto-pilot. So rather you want a Bridal, style Expert, Fashion Designer, inspirational speaker, life coach, or Dating advice, With April as your coach-you can dramatically Expand your life beyond your visions!